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5 star rating Oh Goodness…Mike is awesome! He had been called by our neighbors about bats in their attic. Once there he noticed that we had signs of them too and alerted us. I would never have known otherwise. Upon inspection we had over 60 bats in residence in out attic, for an asthmatic this is a great potential health risk. Mike stayed on after addressing our neighbors issues and took care of ours returning the next day to finish the job and assure we were taken care of. Can you believe that kind of customer service still exists?Now we are bat free! Great job, great company!Jinna M.


5 star rating Had problems with squirrels in the attic. They came out and removed them, fixed a few things extra and didn’t even charge me. I would recommend them to everybody! – Christian L.



5 star rating I had something making noise in the attic and Mike and one of his techs came out that day to inspect it. They found and entry point, set traps and a few days later the animal was in the trap alive. They came back out to retrieve their trap and the squirrels that they caught. I like the fact that they used humane traps. When they were finished they had the entry point and 3 other points all sealed up. Great Job.Chad H.


5 star rating After weeks of dealing with a squirrel in my attic, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a company lined up to do a reversible door option on a Monday. I called Critter Catchers on Saturday to see if they could come out sooner. They put a trap up on Saturday. Sunday the squirrel was in the trap and relocated. The price was even $50 lower than the other quote. It isn’t cheap to have these critters removed but is worth the piece of mind.Rose H.


5 star rating These guys are top-notch and well worth the money! We are surrounded by mature trees and have had our share of squirrel issues. Critter Catchers, Inc. is always quick and friendly.Jason R.


5 star rating Mike is great. Reputable and honest. Just a really nice guy. As stated by other reviewers we’d had other companies come out to look at our problem – which was a squirrel in a bathroom vent duct – but all they would do was quote a huge price for whole house exclusion work. One even wanted to belay off my roof. I found Critter Catchers by sheer luck and I couldn’t be happier. Mike trapped the squirrel, showed me where I needed exclusion work and performed the work in a professional, timely manner – at much less than the cost the other companies quoted me. I’d recommend him to anyone.Susan R.


5 star rating Prompt and reliable. We had been hearing noises in our attic so we contacted Critter Catchers. The technician was able to come out the same day and begin resolving our issue of squirrels in the attic. After getting a couple of bids for closing our house, we made the careful consideration of going with this company due to the fact that they were the most knowledgeable, explained all the steps to us thoroughly and were even one of the best on price. It has been months since we had the service, have had no problems and very pleased with the work done. We would highly recommend this company.Joan S.


5 star rating Critter Catchers saved my attic and caught the pesky squirrels that decided to nest in my attic. They got in thru a small gap between my awning. Mike was so nice and very professional. After calling several companies they had the best rate and were able to get here the same day! The other companies wanted to charge more and come the next week. It is very nice in this day and time to know there are still businesses who have a real person to speak with and really stick to the time they say they are coming. I felt very safe with letting them in my home and being a single woman that means a lot to me. Great service, Great price and Great people. I would highly recommend going with this company over the others.Suzie M.


5 star rating We had bats in the lover vents on both end of the house. I called critter catchers and they were out the same day, removed the bats, and screened the vents so they Would not come back. There quick and professional response kept the bats from entering my attic and creating big problems. I would recommend them to anyone!C. Morales


5 star rating Mike did a good job fixing our problem. We had either squirrels or rats in the attic and he patched the holes and caught the rascals. I put traps up there weeks after he left to make sure he didn’t miss a spot and weeks later they were empty. He also serviced my mothers house and did a fine job. Count on critter catchers for fast, quality service at a fair price.Adam B.


5 star rating I had a cat that had been 50′ up a tree for several days. Animal control and Humane society were of no help. Critter Catchers was recommended to me by a tree service. Mike said he would be out in an hour. He was and 20 minutes later my cat was safe on the ground. He was very gentle and reassuring to the cat. Compassionate and professional. I’ll carry his card on me from now on.Laura M.


5 star rating Greg was our tech for this job. He caught the squirrel very quickly. He was knowledgeable and friendly and extremely helpful. We would be more than happy to call on him again!Katie F.