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Critter-Catchers offers the finest quality Rodent Exterminating and Control Services for Acworth, Georgia.  We provide services to commercial and residential customers in Woodstock, Kennesaw, Acworth, Marietta and surrounding areas.  Critter-Catchers, with our many years of experience has the skill and knowledge for handling any extermination that relates to mice or rats.  These pests are typically controlled with rodent exclusion work, baits and traps, which helps to reduce the areas for them to harbor in.

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Georgia Rodent Exterminators And Control

Unfortunately mice and rats live anywhere that humans live.  The rodents have a great ability to survive and adapt.  As they are foraging for food, they inadvertently end up contaminating food storage areas, damaging buildings as well as other kinds of property through their constant burrowing and gnawing.  In addition, they may spread disease to pets and people.

Our experienced technicians will first investigate your home and/or property to determine where the rats and mice are currently living and how they are gaining access to your home or office. In most cases, we find them living in attics and/or basement areas. We will then place traps in strategic locations where the rodents will easy find them. These will be placed in out-of-the-way areas that are not easily accessible or visible to your family for your guests.

We will then come back to check the traps over the next few days and weeks and remove any captured rodents and reset the traps. Once we are convinced that we have captured all of the rats or mice in your home or office, we will then remove the traps.

We will also seal up their primary access points to prevent further infestation from that area. We can also offer you a complete home exclusion service that will seal up all potential access points around your home or office to ensure that you have no further problems in the future.

Rat Information and Control

Rats reproduce at a rapid rate.  They are best known for their spreading disease, ability to damage food stores and homes and for their agility.  They frequently live in crawlspaces, basements and attics in our houses for months or sometimes even years without being detected.  The rodents damage homes by their tunnel building and nesting; they spoil and consume our stored food; our eating utensils, food containers and kitchen counters are contaminated by them; they can bite people or spread disease.  Rodents also sometimes start fires through gnawing through electrical wiring.

Rats have a preference for eating grains as well as breads or cereals and other grain products.  However, they will eat practically any kind of food, and don’t need much water.  In order to get to a food source they can climb, swim or jump.  Rats are in fact great swimmers, and are able to enter into structures via broken drains, toilets and sewers. It has been found in tests that rats have the ability to tread water for many days and can swim for half a mile against a current.



Abilities Of Rats:

We have included this information so you will see just how resilient and versatile that rats can be.  This makes them very hard to eradicate and they have been plaguing humans for centuries.


  • Rats are able climb vertically and are able to jump as high as 4 feet.
  • Rats are not seriously injured or killed when they drop from 50 feet.
  • Rats can fit through openings with a diameter as small as 1/2 inch
  • Rats gnaw on anything that is softer than their teeth constantly, including aluminum sheeting, plastic, wood, PVC pipes, cinder blocks and lead sheeting.
  • Many kinds of rats are very agile climbers and have the ability to shimmy out of any size pipe that is inside three inches of the wall or outside of pipes three inches in diameter.
  • They can also climb inside 1 1/2 to 4 inch in diameter vertical pipes.
  • Rats have excellent balance which allows them to scale brick and other kinds of rough walls offering footholds.  They can travel across power lines as well.
  • Some kinds of rats have the ability to burrow up to four feet in depth.


Rats have a 2 to 3 year maximum lifespan, but most of them die within their first year.  However, within that one year, a female rat is capable of producing as many as 5 litters, with each litter having 6 to 12 offspring.  Rats are completely blind, naked and helpless when they are born.  They mature rapidly and after one week or so open their eyes.  A rat reaches sexual maturity in 3 to 4 months.  They mate all year round as there isn’t any set breeding season.



Mouse Information and Control    

top rats and mice exterminator atlantaLike rats, mice are nocturnal.  They have very keen senses of touch, taste, smell and hearing, but poor vision.  These heightened senses are used to constantly learn and explore their surrounding as they are memorizing food sources and their pathways.  To make up for their poor vision, these rodents have a tendency to avoid new objects and quickly detect them, even when in an environment that is familiar to them.  That is why traps and baits are avoided for a couple of days after they have been placed.

Mice are herbivores and prefer feeding on cereal grains. However, they will eat practically any kind of food.  They don’t require much water, since most of their needs for water are obtained from the food they eat.  They store extra food in burrows as well as other hiding areas.

Adult house mice are slender and small.  They are around 1 to 2 inches long, not including their tails, with the tail being as long as the head and body combined.  An adult weighs from 1/2 to 1 ounce.  They have small eyes and large ears relative to their overall size.  Usually the color of their fur varies from brown to light grey or also darker colors.

When the outside temperature starts to drop, mice look for warmer areas to live in, which may include houses. For their nests, mice look for safe hiding places.  Once they have their nest established, they start to make paths and start burrowing.  They create paths that link food sources to their nests.  They make their nests from whatever soft materials they are able to find, but mostly use grass, paper and leaves.  Mice live in the same nest for their whole life.  The only time they look for a new nesting area is when food sources become scarce.  It is very difficult to eradicate mice, just like rates.  They have also plagued humans for many centuries.



Abilities of Mice

  • A mouse has the ability to jump from 12 feet without getting injured.
  • Mice can leap 12 inches at least vertically.
  • Given that mice are ability to fit through openings as tiny as 1/4 in diameter, it is practically impossible to mouse-proof a building completely.
  • Mice are sure-footed climbers and able to scale any kind of vertical surface that is rough or texture enough for a toehold quite easily.


The average life span of a house mouse is 9 to 12 months.  Forty days after being born they can reproduce, and mate all year round.  Usually young are born 19 to 21 days after they have mated and in around 6 weeks are mature.  The  average litter size of a mother mouse is 10 to 12.  When they are born, mice have closed ears and eyelids and are hairless.

They are able to fit through holes and cracks that are around 1/4 inch in size, which is approximately the size of a dime. You should take preventative measures to ensure that mice are not able to find an easy way of entering into your house.  Gaps, crevices and cracks can be used for entry points, and if necessary should be sealed.


Critter-Catchers offers two methods for removing rats and mice: poisoning and trapping.

However, the key to avoiding future infestations is prevention.  We offer our clients advice on the best prevention methods given their specific conditions, as well as a complete home exclusion service package to prevent any further infestation in your home.



Prevention And What To Search For In Your House

acworth GA rodent exterminatorsGiven that rodents are so secretive and small, many people tend to be unaware that their are rodents living with them – behind a cabinet, under the house, between floors, in attic spaces and walls.

People frequently find rodent infestations through tell-tale signs of gnawed food packages or mouse or rat droppings.  They are sometimes discovered when taking items out of storage.  At times they get discovered by chance when a serviceman or repairman accesses a crawl space or attic.  Given how elusive they are, it is a good idea to have home inspections periodically.

It is always a very good idea to have a periodic inspection.  Begin by searching for rodent entry points like gaps around wiring and plumbing or ill-fitting door jambs.  Take note of food items that are improperly stored, including pet food.  The main goal of your inspection is discovering any weak areas that can be used by rodents to gain access.

Even trees can provide rodents with access. Carefully note roof eaves.  In order to avoid feeding or attracting rodents, one of the more useful things that can be done by homeowners is to not over feed pets, particularly outdoors.

Pet food should also be store inside pails, and preferably ones made out of metal that have tight fitting lids.  We have seen many situations where holes had been gnawed at the base of a pet food plastic garbage type pail or bag.  Even entire mouse nest have been discovered inside a pet food container.

Garbage and poor sanitation are open invitations for rat infestations.  When sanitation is good, it will efficiently limit how many rats are able to survive around your house.  Good housekeeping should be practice at all time along with proper handling and storage of food around your house.  Proper sanitary practices won’t totally eliminate the potential of rat infestations, but can make your house less well suited for them to thrive in.

The most successful of all rat control methods is building them out and making access into your living areas as impossible as you can.  All small openings and holes need to be sealed shut.

We take great pride here at Critter-Catchers in in the level of effective and professional services we provide.  We strongly believe the the services that we provide should exceed the expectations of our customers at all times.  Our highly trained professional staff is always ready to help you with all of your exterminating needs.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you rid your home or office of these unwanted pests!