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What To Do If You Have Beavers On Your Property

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Got Beavers?

If your answer is yes, then it’s time to call north Georgia’s top beaver removal experts, Critter Catchers, for humane animal removal services. At Critter Catchers, we take pride in offering top-notch wildlife removal services that are humane and painless in the shortest time possible. Below are some of the unrivaled benefits of using Critter Catchers for your north Atlanta beaver removal services.

Extensive Experience Removing Beavers

Critter Catchers has been offering humane animal removal services for over 20 years in metro Atlanta. By hiring us to remove beavers from your property, you stand to benefits from our extensive expertise on how best to remove beavers from your property. Our proficiency in animal removal services in a timely manner has been heavy contributed to our extensive experience. Being in over animal removal industry for over 20 year, we have developed and mastered the most effective techniques of identifying, trapping, and removing beavers in a painless and humane way.

beaver removal serviceBeaver Trapping Qualifications

At critter catchers, we take great pride in hiring highly qualified animal removal technicians. Combined with our extensive experience, our team of qualified animal removal specialists will quickly identify what needs to be done to safely remove the beavers from your property. It is also worth mentioning that our qualified specialists also go the extra mile by sharing tips on how to best discourage these animals from coming back in the future.

Swift Removal

To avoid further nuisance or destruction of your property once you detect beavers, it is always recommend that you contact an animal removal company as quickly as possible. When you contact us, our team of experts, who understand the importance of a swift response, will jump to action immediately. Our animal removal specialists will take all the necessary steps to ensure that your property is free from beavers in the least time possible.

beaver removal expertsProfessionalism

Critter Catchers also has an iron dedication to offering the best customer service in the animal removal industry. From the moment you call us, you will be more than pleased by how our courteous team of professionals handle your case. In addition to our quick response and efficient wildlife removal services, our team of experts always takes the time to properly survey your property and understand the issue so that the beaver problem is eliminated absolutely.


At Critter Catchers, safety comes first. Safety for the animals, our clients and, of courses our technicians. With our extensive experience in the animal removal services, our team of experts have come up with safe ways of efficiently trapping and removing these wild animals from your property, simultaneously ensuring safety of your home and property as well as the safety of the animals.

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Areas Served For Beaver Removal Services:

  • Acworth, GA
  • Kennesaw, GA
  • Roswell, GA
  • Woodstock, GA
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • Johns Creek, GA
  • Marietta, GA
  • And most of north Georgia!

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