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Exclusion Services

exclusion services

Do you have rodents and other critters crawling around your home’s basement, attic, ceilings and walls? If you do, then it is important that you consider calling us at Critter Catchers, Atlanta’s premier animal exclusion specialist, as soon as possible.

Why? Basically because these unwanted guests could prove to be extremely destructive and dangerous and could greatly compromise the structural integrity of your home. At the same time, having these critters crawling around your home could potentially put you and your family at risk of contracting serious diseases.

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To ensure that they are completely taken care of and that you never have to worry about having critters crawling your home ever again, hiring our services is what you need to do. At Critter Catchers Inc. we pride ourselves in being the best company in Atlanta that provides lasting solutions when it comes to animal exclusion. We understand the kind of threat critters and other animals pose to any structure and its occupants; which is why we put a lot in ensuring that our client’s needs are well taken care of.

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These critters also love chewing on PVC pipes. When this happens, the likelihood of your business or home flooding or getting extensive water damage increases tenfold. At the end of the day, the structural integrity of your building is compromised leaving you at risk of collapses, cave-ins, and worse, growth of harmful things like mold.

At the same time, these small critters defecate and urinate everywhere. The pile up of this excrement leaves you, your family, employees or even customers at risk contracting dangerous diseases as their excrement carry both diseases and parasites. It is therefore it is important that you seek professional exclusion services from the moment you see or hear any signs of animal intrusion in your home or business.

We are a professional, certified and experienced company with close to 20 years providing wildlife removal solutions to the residents of Atlanta. Our specialty lies in providing reliable Atlanta exclusion services and find contentment in knowing that our clients are enjoying peace of mind with knowledge that their problem is well taken care of.

We provide a quick and lasting solutions when it comes to wildlife removal. Our technicians are the best you will find in the state and are well versed with the best and most effective ways to remove any form of unwanted animals from any building or property while guaranteeing minimal damage to property.

Before sealing your home or property, we ensure that all intruders are first of all identified and removed. To accomplish this, our licensed and experienced specialists use proven techniques and methods, which are unique to us, to ensure that no animals are still hiding within the structure. After which we commence on renovating and repairing all damaged areas before sealing up every probable passage, hole or crevice that may potentially serve as a passageway for future intrusions.

An Acworth, GA based company, our Atlanta exclusion services are not limited to residents of Acworth only. We also serve residents in surrounding cities including Marietta, Woodstock, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Roswell, Kennesaw and Canton.If you are a resident in any of these areas and are experiencing wildlife intrusion problems, then give Mike a call today for professional advice, information about his company’s services, and to request animal exclusion services estimates.

Do not give critters and other animals a chance to compromise the sanctity of your home or structure.

Contact Critter Catchers today and enjoy exclusion solutions that last.

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