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Very few bats in Acworth, Ga actually come into contact with humans. Bats are Top Bat Removal Acworth, GAnocturnal and elusive and they much prefer dark habitats like your home attic that are out of direct contact with humans.  If you discover bats in your residence or business, please inquire about our Bat Removal Service.

Can Bats Hurt People?

When interactions do occur, they are likely due to a human accidentally straying into a nesting area such as the attic, garage or shed of your home that has bats.

Bats can and will enter your home to avoid weather and to nest if there is a small opening that has access to the outdoors.

Types of Bats Found In Your Attic

Colonial bats or social bats may start an entire colony in your attic if they can access it.

Typically, bats in Georgia will enter exposed roof edges, vents that are open, through chimney’s (especially if they are unused), gable ends, flashed roof valleys and siding.

They may cause extensive damage in spite of the fact that they prefer to roost in the attics.  They may also extend roosting areas to walls and occasionally into sewers or utility areas.

Bats also opt for power sheds or water wells.

If bats enter into utility areas they may cause damage and contaminate some of the areas such as wells.

In addition to the above-mentioned damage, they may also cause rub marks on their entry and exit. These are due to their body oils and the marks may also contain a bit of hair.

These marks are dull and dark and will be in direct contrast with lighter colored siding or wood.

Acworth Bat Removal Experts

Younger people or those with excellent hearing may hear a high-pitched chirp when bats are about. In addition to this, there is often a rustling sound as they prepare to sleep or emerge for feeding.

Diseases Bats Can Leave Behind

Droppings and urine are deposited in and around the roosting area. This is referred to as bat guano and in some areas of the world, it’s harvested for fertilizer.

Guano is also an excellent growth medium for microbes including such conditions as histoplasmosis.

The urine is slippery and a safety hazard as those who step in it may slide and fall. It quickly evaporates and becomes a crystalline residue.

Rabies is another concern if there are bats about. Rabid bats are rare but it’s for this reason that it is recommended that bats be avoided by all but our Critter-Catcher professionals.

Any wild animal can cause damage and bats are no different. They can spread disease and care must be taken when working in any bat infested area.

Call or Contact our bat removal Acworth GA experts today if you think you are hearing any kind of scratching or scurrying noises in your ceiling or attic and make sure your home is bat-free and bat-proof!

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