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It’s Time To Call The Atlanta Squirrel Removal Experts

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Those Cute Little Squirrels

Most of us think of squirrels as cute, fuzzy little creatures that hop from branch to branch in the trees of our yards, providing endless entertainment. As they flit from tree to tree, their acrobatic ability defies gravity and one wonders how they do it.

However, they are always looking for warm, and safe places to build their nests and have their young, which most of the time is at the top of a tall tree. You can see their nests during the winter, as they build elaborate, large nests from twigs and other types of debris.

The problem enters in when they discover a crack in the eaves of your roof, attic, basement or chimney and then they can work (i.e. chew) their way inside. For them, this is a much better option. For you, it is a terrible option!

They will take up residence just about anywhere it is warm and they can build their nest, and then you will have major problems. Squirrels are incessant chewers and one of their favorite tricks is to chew through your electrical wires, which can start a fire. Squirrels are a major cause of home fires in this manner.

They are also a potential health hazard, as their droppings can become numerous, which attracts bacteria and parasites. They can also get into the walls, the attic and cause all kinds of havoc.

Then you have the noise. If you have ever had mice, you can hear them running around in the walls, and that can be annoying. Squirrels are bigger animals, so their noise is louder, and even more annoying.

Squirrel Removal Professionals

squirrel in attic damage acworthIt is a good thing that you can rely on our top Atlanta squirrel removal professionals to handle the job of removing the squirrels from your home should they decide to move in. The animals can be humanely trapped and removed to a safe place for them outside, where they can continue their lives undisturbed and you can rest assured that they will trouble you no more.

Our squirrel removal experts will then patch up the entrance areas that gave them access in the first place as well as shoring up any other obvious places that are vulnerable. (Please see our Exclusion Services page for more info on this.)

If the proper steps are taken to fix any openings in your home, whether they be in the roof or eaves area, or even along the foundation and basement areas, then the animals will be discouraged from trying to enter and will go somewhere else.

Call our squirrel removal Atlanta GA team today if you think you are hearing any kind of scratching or scurrying noises in your ceiling or attic and make sure your home is squirrel-free and squirrel-proof!

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Areas Served For Squirrel Removal Services:

  • Acworth, GA
  • Kennesaw, GA
  • Roswell, GA
  • Woodstock, GA
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • Johns Creek, GA
  • Marietta, GA
  • And most of north Georgia!