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About Critter Catchers: A Premier Rodent Removal Company in Georgia

Critter catchers gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you have chosen an experienced, professional and certified local company with over 20 years of direct experience in providing humane pest removal solutions.

Our experts know the safest and most effective means for removing unwanted pests from your home and property, and will quickly and permanently remove these pests in a way that will absolutely minimize the damage to your property. Our rodent removal service is second to none. You can trust in our ability to take away all your worries.

And once these intruders are completely removed, we can provide a wide variety of home repair and renovation solutions that will repair the damage and seal up the access points to prevent any further pests from getting in.

All of our work is performed by experienced and licensed technicians and is guaranteed to prevent any further pest intrusions into your home. If you need our services, get in touch by visiting our Contact page.

I’ve been using Mike and the guys at Critter Catchers for about the last 5 years for my businesses and my home. He and his team have made numerous service calls and even after-hours calls for us over the years and have never charged us anything extra beyond the normal rates. They have always shown us where, and explained how, the squirrels and raccoons were getting in. And the repairs they made were top notch. I have already referred him to all of my family and friends, and can easily recommend them without hesitation.


“Sunday a week ago, I was awakened by scratching in the wall behind my bed. I was horrified, because I expected rodents had invaded my home.  On Monday, I called Critter Catchers, whom I had used successfully two years ago. Mr. Mike Thaggard came later that day, inspected my problem and explained the situation to me. He carefully explained the procedures and costs involved in ridding my home of the rodents. I agree to have Mr. Thaggard and his firm get right to work. I decided to rid my home of rodents, thoroughly. I have been pleased by the promptness and professionalism used by Critter Catchers. The problem has GONE.


We first ran across Mike and Critter Catchers about 6 years ago when we needed a second opinion on what we thought were rats or squirrels getting into the basement of a rental property.  The First guy who looked at it told us the whole job to remove the animals and make the house repairs would cost us just over $2,000! But Mike took a look at it and told us that he could handle the whole situation for less than $1,200. Their team got to work that same first day. It took about 2 weeks of regular visits to make sure all of the animals were completely gone. Then they made the repairs to keep any more animals from getting in. That was almost a year ago, and we haven’t had a single problem with any animals since then. I can certainly recommend them.”