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Each year, over 30,000 homes are destroyed by fire caused by squirrels, rats and mice chewing through electrical wiring!  Don't let this happen to your family!

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Critter catchers gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you have chosen professional and certified local company with nearly 20 years of experience.

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Critter Catchers is the number one option for those who want the best rodent removal service. The prompt removal of the animal(s) present on your property is of utmost importance and that is what we focus on.

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Free Report - Top 5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Animal Removal Specialist
Critter Catchers Free Report - Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring An Animal Removal Specialist
This FREE REPORT will provide you with the information you need to know in order to make an informed decision about what steps to take - and what actions may actually put you, your home and your family at greater risk.

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Maintaining a property can be hard work as well as a very costly affair. It seems like nearly everyday there is some work or the other that needs to be done, something that needs to be fixed.

Imagine then what happens when your house or business is infested with animals! They start rather harmlessly; just a small cute squirrel or a chipmunk on your roof, or may be a curious little mouse peeking in the backyard. Most people choose to ignore it, even after seeing their numbers growing.

The shocking truth is that each year thousands of homes are destroyed by rodent infestations or wildlife, costing hundreds of millions of dollars in repairs.

These rodents chew through everything, even your electrical wires and PVC pipes, structural units, thus causing flood, water damage, power outages, structural damage and even FIRE!

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Each year, over 30,000 homes are destroyed by fire caused by squirrels, rats and mice chewing through electrical wiring!

All forms of animals carry parasites and germs that can cause severe health hazard to you, your family and your pets.

So when you hear scratching, scampering sounds at night or in the early hours of morning, know for sure that you have an animal infestation. Do not wait!

With our years of experience in wildlife removal, Critter Catchers can assure you that animals like squirrels, rats, mice or even snakes as well as birds like pigeons breed extremely fast. They live inside your house, defecate, urinate and even die inside, making your life miserable.

At Critter Catchers - Georgia's Premier Nuisance Animal Removal Company, we have experience in handling every kind of animal and rodent infestation issue that you may have. For over 20 years we have been providing our customers with expert advice, impeccable and flawless services as well as repairs and clean up after the animals have been caught.

We are capable of dealing with all kinds of squirrel infestation, may that be the pesky flying squirrels or the grey or fox squirrels.

animal removal experts acworth ga-275wIf you notice, droppings or chewed food boxes especially dry pet food, you can be certain that you have a rat or mice infestation. Rats and mice are associated with many kinds of diseases. There's no need for panic, rest assured that Critter Catchers will be able to provide you with lasting of solutions.

Another major pest is the raccoon. As a home owner, you may see just one raccoon or may never get to see one at all. However, as it is with these critters, there is never just one of them. Raccoons usually are found in the attic or the backyard, and the usual complaints we hear are the piles and smell from their excretion.

However, the most dangerous of these are the snakes and yes they can invade your homes too. To an untrained eye, there is no way to understand which of them are poisonous. Having one residing within the gaps of the walls or nesting in a damp basement or attic (yes, they can get up there too!) is a severe threat to your pets and your family members. Snakes can never be easily spotted and you should NEVER try to handle one without proper training.

A well known factor is that when a house harbors one kind of animal, others will soon follow. Creatures like bats, chipmunks, otters and beavers cause damage to both home and gardens, by digging burrows, eating through the wooden walls, nesting, spreading disease, and even causing environmental damage with dams built on creeks and streams.

Please, do not try to deal with these yourself! We have seen countless people getting badly hurt and properties getting damaged when scenarios like these are handled by non-professionals.

If you spot one of these animals in your home or business, it is CRITICAL that you should immediately call for help. Our experts at Critter Catchers are capable of dealing with all kinds of wildlife removals and have years of experience and happy customers to vouch for that.

squirel and wildlife removal company acworth-275wThe experts at Critter Catchers are certified and licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and we provide service throughout the Metro Atlanta area, covering most parts of North Georgia.

At Critter Catchers, we believe in humane approach to catching and removing animals. Our experts use trapping devices that never harm or hurt the animal, but merely catch it and remove the animals to somewhere far away (a minimum of 10 miles from your home or business) to relocate it in the areas best suited for them.

We understand that these animals are merely living their lives, without any awareness or intention to harm any of us.

We take extra care that all animals are removed and all points of entry barred and blocked to prevent further infestation.

So if you have a suspicion that your home or business harbors any "unwanted guests", please call us at Critter Catchers for an easy, expert, stress free animal removal.

The longer you wait to take action, the more damage they will cause and the more costly the cleanup effort will be! So be sure to call us ASAP if you suspect an animal has moved in with you!